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Le chevalier du dragon

Livre ( N°107 sur 1105 )
Romance | Medieval
Catherine Archer
Fait partie de
Brotherhood of the Dragon series by Catherine Archer
LOVE WAS THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY ... Valorous, respected knight though he was, Jarrod Maxwell had always known the land of the heart was closed to him. Why then had capricious Destiny led him to aid Lady Aislynn Greatham ... and made his soul yearn for impossible passion --- and a forever love? Should she, Aislynn Greatham pondered, risk all she held dear --- even betrothal to a childhood friend --- to go on a journey with an enigmatic knight to find her missing brother? Convention muttered, "Nay!" But when she looked upon Sir Jarrod in all his warrior glory, her heart could not deny that she would follow this man --- wherever he led!

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