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Snow White And Rose Red

Livre ( N°411 sur 1105 )
Fantastique | Historique | Romance | Young Adult | Classics | Retellings | Fairy Tale Retellings | Fairy Tales | Young Adult Fantasy | Science Fiction Fantasy
Patricia C. Wrede
Fait partie de
Fairy Tale series by Patricia C. Wrede
Once upon a time... there was a poor widow with two daughters, beautiful as roses -- Blanche and Rosamund: Snow White and Rose Red. Once upon a time... the Queen of Faerie had two changeling sons; one was content in his mother's Court, the other yearned to wander through the human lands. Once upon a time... two human sorcerers, in an unwitting alliance with a spiteful spirit, forged an enchantment which trapped a changeling prince, and drew Snow White and Rose Red to befriend him, whatever the cost.

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