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Sorcery and Cecelia, or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot

Livre ( N°411 sur 1105 )
Fantastique | Historique | Mystère | Romance | Young Adult | Adolescent | Young Adult Fantasy | Science Fiction Fantasy | Magic | Regency | Sorcières
Patricia C. Wrede
Cecelia Rushton | Katherine Talgarth | James Tarleton | Thomas Schofield | Miranda Tanistry
Fait partie de
Cecelia and Kate series by Patricia C. Wrede
In this light magical correspondence, letters fly between Cecilia (author Pat), with Aunt Charlotte in Essex Rushton manor, and her cousin Kate (author Caro), with Aunt Elizabeth in London's Berkeley Square for alluring Georgina's season. Mistaking Kate for "odious marquise" Thomas of Schofield, a mysterious Miranda tries to poison Kate with drink from hot chocolate pot at Royal College of Wizards investiture for their country neighbor Sir Hilary of Bedrick Hall. When their shy friend Dorothea attracts men unwillingly, her step-mama Miranda Griscomb nee Tanistry, reveals evil motives and immense power, with ambitions against innocent brother Oliver.

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