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Livre ( N°411 sur 1105 )
Aventure | Fantastique | Romance | Surnaturel | Young Adult | Magic | Paranormal Romance | Paranormal | Urban Fantasy | Fairies
Lesley Livingston
Maddox | Kelley Winslow | Sonny Flannery | Tyffanwy of the Mere | Fennrys
Fait partie de
Wondrous Strange series by Lesley Livingston
"I don’t love Sonny Flannery.” With a single lie, seventeen-year-old Kelley manages to protect the boy she loves and send him retreating into a haven for Lost Fae hidden below New York City. If she can figure out who’s after Sonny’s magick and uncover the reason why Janus Guards are being recruited to hunt innocent Faerie, Kelley might stand a chance at getting him back…but not before she must finally confront her own Faerie powers and master them. The much-anticipated finale of Lesley Livingston’s ravishing trilogy that began with Wondrous Strange and gathered force in Darklight comes to a stormy head. Fans new and old will revel in the lush romance—and be swept away by the chaotic tempest that’s swirled Kelley and Sonny together.

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